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Do you get mistaken for being ‘tired’ or ‘sad’ even when you may feel quite the opposite? In the past, the only option to rejuvenate tired looking eyes – especially lower eyelid bags – was invasive surgery.

Now, with fillers we are able to achieve effective under eye rejuvenation by means of a relatively quick and simple procedure.

Treatment details

Treatment time – 30mins
Full recovery – 48 Hours
Back to work – 24 Hours
Sensitivity period – 24 Hours
Risks & complications – Asymmetry, bruises, infections, swelling
Anaesthetic required – Topical
Duration of results – 6-18 Months

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Ageing is a complex process and recent research has shown that it is primarily related to the loss of volume beneath the skin. The bone below the eye shrinks with age. When this happens, the fat pad beneath the eye is able to bulge forward creating the appearance of an eye bag and dark shadows under the eyes. Because of this evolution in our understanding of why the eye ages, our treatment of the problem has also evolved – moving away from radical surgery to cut away the ‘excess’ towards much more conservative volume restoration under the eye area.

The treatment works by carrying out a series of small injections below the eye – usually on top of the bone. The restoration of volume on top of the bone restores some of the lost support to the lower eyelid and can improve the contour of the eyelid. At the time of treatment it is necessary to under correct slightly in anticipation that the filler will expand a little following treatment, so it can take up to a couple of weeks to get see the final result.

The treatment typically works best on younger patients, usually under the age of 55. Beyond this age group the treatment can still be performed although the results are often more limited.


Take care around the filled area for the period immediately following your treatment. Avoid unnecessary touching/pressure for the first six hours. Most hyaluronic acid fillers are reported to last 9-12 months. In the lower eyelid however, fillers tend to last much longer, with several years duration not being uncommon. It is important to recognise this longevity to prevent excessive repeat treatments. The time to repeat the treatment is when the hollowness returns, which may take several years.

Frequently asked questions

What filler do we use?
As with all facial fillers, only Hyaluronic Acid fillers are used in this treatment area. Importantly, a filler should be selected based on having the ideal properties for the tear trough area including minimal water absorption. Fillers such as Teosyal, Redensity II and Juvederm Vobella are the most popular choices.

Are there any limitations?
Tear trough filler is very effective at restoring volume related changes around the eye. It cannot however remove excess skin or discolouration in the skin, which may also contribute to an ageing or tired appearance. To treat these, laser treatment or surgery may be required.

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