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Advanced Dentistry @ Hyndland Dental Clinic provides a root canal therapy service to patients throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland.

Endodontics – known more generally as root canal therapy – is a common dental procedure that involves the cleansing of the internal structure of the tooth (the dental pulp).

This procedure is necessitated when the dental pulp becomes irreversibly damaged due to inflammation or infection. Common causes of this damage are dental decay or trauma to the tooth.

The process involves careful cleaning, shaping, sterilisation and filling of the internal structure of the tooth.

Single Root Endodontics

  • A filled or decayed tooth with an abscess.
  • The filling is removed to access the cavity.
  • The root canals are reamed to remove the tooth nerves.
  • Gutta-perchas are inserted to fill the root.
  • These are then cut-off, sealed and the tooth filled.
  • The abscess will reduce.
  • A crown may be necessary later.

Multi Root Endodontics

  • Root treatments on back teeth can be more complicated because they have a number of roots.
  • The root canals are exposed.
  • All roots then need to be excavated making sure that the entire tooth nerve is removed.
  • The cavity is then filled with gutta-percha and the tooth then filled.

Root canal therapy in the past has had a poor image and patients often express concern that they have heard that root canal can be unpleasant. Modern endodontics carried out with state of the art equipment is now a predictable and virtually pain-free procedure.

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