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Straight talking benefits

30th May 2010

I’m working with the team from Inman Aligners – a method of aligning and straightening patient’s teeth in as little as 4-16 weeks with remarkable results.

It’s a removable appliance and the benefits are great….indeed it’s been hailed as  “the biggest breakthrough in dentistry of the millennium.”

Currently many patients opt to have porcelain veneers placed to get that perfect smile. But why do they choose this method in their quest for perfection? In some cases where there has been structural damage, deep staining, caries and old poor restorations beautiful porcelain veneers can provide aesthetic and functional benefits. However, in cases where the teeth are just crowded and out of position veneers often seem attractive. This is because until recently, the orthodontic alternative has been either unattractive fixed brackets which often will take months if not years, or invisible braces which also take time and the costs can be high. Many adults just will not wait that long. So what if there was a way of aligning their teeth in a much shorter time at less cost? How many patients would still choose to have veneers if they knew they might be able to align their teeth in as little as 4-16 weeks? In cases where veneers are the preferred solution, wouldn’t most patients prefer to align their teeth first before veneer preparation to avoid any future problems? This is where the Inman Aligner comes in and it can change everything.

*If you or a member of your family has an interest in the above treatment then please contact our clinic on 0141 339 7579. We offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services including dental implants and veneers.

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