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Sterile focus

19th February 2010


Plans for the new clinic are progressing and getting to the stage of some major decision-making.

Working in the world of dental implants, cosmetic dentisty and general dentistry in the 21st century means one extremely important decision….and that’s the what and the how when it comes to decontamination and sterilising procedures.

I’ve just had a top-level meeting with Jim Fraser of DB Dental to put together the detailed specifications for our  decontamination suites for the new clinic.

Like all dental clinics, we give the highest degree of importance and commitment to maintaining the utmost levels of sterilising and decontamination.

Our new clinic will be state of the art in all ways and will be governed strictly from the initial set up.

We can help to achieve our aims by selecting specific product materials/ fabrics to be used and by the introduction of laminar air flow which eradicates any air borne germs.

The whole topic of decontamination is not something that patients may ever question but at our clinic they can rest assured that it is an exceptionally high priority.

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