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One more sleep

7th November 2010

One vision is now a reality – 4 years of planning. 8 months in the construction phase. 6 visits to the planning office. 3400 miles of transportation from Holland, Spain and Italy for most of the big pieces of furniture. 350 kilos apiece in each of the new patient treatment chairs. 25 kilometres of wiring. Melding into what I consider to be the best looking clinic in the country – with 12 of the most dedicated and enthusiastic staff members ready to perform their magic. Thanks to project leader Simon and his flexible team of workmen. Thanks to the accountant, the architect, the surveyors and any others who played their part in making this happen. Heartfelt gratitude to friends and family who have kept me buoyed up and 100% focused. Love and thanks to Steph and Arnold for just being. Sounds like an Oscar speech? It’s meant to because I believe the finished clinic that will swing into action tomorrow morning is a winner in terms of equipment, ambience and the ideal environment for looking after our patients. One more sleep….

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