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Denture patient at our Glasgow dental clinic labels his result “perfect”

24th April 2013

Sports trauma and injury can compromise a person’s smile as well as his or her dental function.

Over a course of a year we’ll see several people who’ve suffered tooth or teeth loss as a result of a sports related incident.

Recently we saw a 68-year-old male patient who had lost three teeth when he was a teenager after clashing with a goalkeeper during a football match.

His decision to come to our Glasgow dental clinic was fuelled by his need to find a replacement for his partial upper denture.


The patient carried out some research before selecting our clinic and we’re delighted to receive a great testimonial from him about his experience with us.

Appreciated the line in his testimonial that we made sure ‘to the last detail that my denture was perfect”.

We’re always very pleased when a patient finds the time to send us feedback about the experience they’ve had at our clinic.

See the photograph for more information about this patient’s experience.

Should you require any additional information about dentures please click here.

Denture patient at Glasgow dental clinic
– Denture patient delivers his verdict

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