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Dental anxiety? How we can help patients

8th August 2011

The topic of odontophobia was raised among Twitter followers just the other day.

The word is best summed up as ‘dental anxiety’ or a fear of dentists. It’s fairly common and we have members of our team who can work with such patients to help them through the experience of a clinic visit.

In particular our Jamie Maguire (pictured below) is extremely highly experienced in working in the field of dental sedation.

There are many solutions available including dental conscious sedation – a technique whereby a sedative medication is used to relax and sedate patients who are very anxious of receiving dental treatment.

Please contact us if you or any of your family might benefit from working with our experienced team.

Jamie Maguire has a focus on sedation for patients at Advanced Dentistry @ Hyndland Dental Clinic in Glasgow.

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