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Congratulations to Jamie: focus helps relax anxious Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry patients

28th November 2011

Congratulations to our colleague Jamie Maguire who has just passed his diploma in conscious sedation.

Dental conscious sedation is a technique whereby a sedative medication is used to relax and sedate patients at our Glasgow dental clinic who are very anxious of receiving dental treatment. We see many patients who are extremely concerned about visits to the dentist and indeed can be phobic about the experience.

Jamie is a key part of our team and enables us to deliver the best possible outcomes by our superb team approach especially for those patients who are apprehensive about treatment. It means they can receive advanced dental care to achieve the optimum in oral health.

Jamie Maguire has a focus
on sedation for patients at
Philip Friel Advanced
Dentistry in Glasgow.
– Jamie Maguire

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