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Clinical meeting – a key part of our team’s strategy

13th March 2013

We recently held what was our first full Advanced Dentistry @ Hyndland Dental Clinic clinical meeting at our dental clinic building in Glasgow.

This afforded the team the chance to have informal discussions with our seven dentists present. Communication is key to the running of a busy clinic.

These meetings will allow us to openly discuss what we do, discuss our protocols to ensure consistent delivery of a top end service, peer review and discuss difficult/complex/challenging cases together as a team with input from dentists in Glasgow, dental nurses, hygienists our orthodontist specialist Andrew McGregor.

It’s a good sign when, after three hours, you are only half way through the topic list for the gathering.

We had some great debate, opinion exchanges, discussion and the skeleton of a fantastic clinical document/structure for our team.

The planned quarterly meetings will now be bimonthly to ensure we get through everything in good time.

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