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Check-up chillout

7th September 2010

It’s that 20 minute window that emerges twice a year and allows me to completely relax and switch off.

No-one can reach me.

No mobile or landline demands my attention.

Nothing distracts me…

I’m talking check-up time. My own dental check-up –  when I surrender all to the expert skills of another dental professional.

Yes even dentists need our dentition checked out on a regular basis.

I’m happy to report that my last check-up was all clear.

My hygienist colleague Jen did her magic and ensured the smile was in good working order for another six months.

As well as seeing many clients twice yearly, Jen sees others for quarterly visits.

The reasoning behind these more regular visits?

Particular care and attention is required if you’ve had dental implant work, crowns, bridge work or perhaps have retainers fitted after orthodontic work.

Whatever the reason, commitment to a regular check on both the state of your teeth’s hygiene and gum health is very worthwhile.

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