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Glasgow dental patient gets smile boost with implant retained denture

13 September 2013

At our Glasgow dental clinic we see a number of patients who are encountering issues with dentures. The benefits of using dental implants can greatly…

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Big brother’s watching you – via your teeth…

30 August 2013

There are many reasons you might want to visit the dentist… Perhaps you would come to our Glasgow dental clinic for a routine check-up, a…

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What a difference a dental implant can make…

21 August 2013

Dental implant surgery is a particular focus for my professional work. The benefits achievable with dental implants can be key to effective cosmetic dentistry and…

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Good reason to visit the dentist? Read on…

14 August 2013

Struggling with toothache? Bleeding gums when you brush? Unhappy with your smile? All the above are sound reasons for visiting your dentist for a check-up…

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Veneers: cosmetic dentistry solutions at our Glasgow dental clinic

9 August 2013

SPOTLIGHT ON VENEERS We offer a range of cosmetic dentistry solutions at our Glasgow dental clinic. Our team is well experienced in advising patients on…

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Implant retained denture improves patient’s smile

5 August 2013

Regular readers of our blog will know that from time to time we highlight the treatment of a patient who’s undergone cosmetic or restorative dentistry…

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Restorative dentistry: offering patients at our Glasgow dental clinic great results

3 July 2013

Part of a dental professional’s calendar is taken up with attending courses and seminars each year. It’s a key part of our professional development and…

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Hygiene focus: key to good dental health

1 July 2013

According to recent figures released by the British Dental Health Foundation, the nation’s dental cleaning habits are the subject of somewhat interesting reading. The figures…

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Smile makeover: using the right tools to achieve great results at our Glasgow dental clinic

26 June 2013

Smile makeover - the right tools for a great result. - Smile makeover – the right tools for a great result. Creating the perfect smile…

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Dental makeover lets patient ‘smile with confidence’

17 June 2013

Dental function as well as appearance can be compromised if a patient suffers from dental problems – especially if they’ve started back in childhood and…

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