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Glasgow dental patient gets smile boost with implant retained denture

13 September 2013

At our Glasgow dental clinic we see a number of patients who are encountering issues with dentures. The benefits of using dental implants can greatly…

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Kasia embarks on course in dental implant nursing

7 September 2013

Our dental professional team at our Glasgow dental clinic is well qualified to carry out the treatments and services we offer our patients. But, like…

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What a difference a dental implant can make…

21 August 2013

Dental implant surgery is a particular focus for my professional work. The benefits achievable with dental implants can be key to effective cosmetic dentistry and…

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Implant retained denture improves patient’s smile

5 August 2013

Regular readers of our blog will know that from time to time we highlight the treatment of a patient who’s undergone cosmetic or restorative dentistry…

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Our book of testimonials: for patients at our Glasgow dental clinic

29 July 2013

We’re always delighted whenever our patients here at our Glasgow dental clinic take time to give us feedback on their experiences. Over the months we…

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Can anyone have a dental implant? Our Glasgow dental team answers a key question.

22 July 2013

Can Anyone Have a Dental Implant? Implants can look so good that no-one need know you have lost teeth, and dental implants are becoming far…

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Why Are Dental Implants so Good for Replacing Missing Teeth?

24 July 2013

Why Are Dental Implants so Good for Replacing Missing Teeth? If you are missing one or more teeth then the team of dentists at Advanced…

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UK implant role ahead: ADI President’s postion from November

15 July 2013

AS many of you may know I have a particular focus in my clinical work on dental implants and the benefits of implantology on smile…

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Gaining new techniques in dental implants for our patients

5 July 2013

Dental implants are my particular focus in dentistry and I’ve travelled all over the UK and the rest of the world in pursuit of the…

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Dental implants success – “I can now eat apples and corn on the cob without any worry!”

29 May 2013

Dental issues can compromise good dental function as well as affecting the appearance of a smile. Confidence can also be affected if the person has…

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