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Glasgow dental patient gets smile boost with implant retained denture

13 September 2013

At our Glasgow dental clinic we see a number of patients who are encountering issues with dentures. The benefits of using dental implants can greatly…

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The age of your smile can ‘speak’ volumes

9 September 2013

Can your smile give away the secret of your age? With so many TV shows and media reports focusing on age – and how to…

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What’s what in your teeth line-up?

6 September 2013

In our blog posts from our Glasgow dental clinic we can cover a multitude of topics – from cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and patient testimonials…

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Dentist Liz’s puppy continues its training: update on Ramsay’s journey

2 September 2013

We like to share news on what’s happening on the clinical side of our work here at our Glasgow dental clinic. We also like to…

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Cuppas combat cavities? New research reports on tea benefits

28 August 2013

From time to time the humble cuppa is credited with assisting a myriad health issues. Tea – in various guises of green, mint and the…

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A Beatle “reborn” from an old molar? Imagine…

23 August 2013

We enjoy reading some of the more unusual media stories about the dental world and one offering that’s been doing the rounds in print and…

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What’s in a name? The story behind our Glasgow dental clinic

19 August 2013

Exterior of the Advanced Dentistry @ Hyndland Dental Clinic Clinic which offers bespoke general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and life enhancing dental implants - Exterior shot…

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Mouth cancer awareness campaign: knowing the risk factors

16 August 2013

Throughout 2013 our Glasgow dental clinic has been running a mouth cancer awareness campaign – promoting the risk factors and sharing expert knowledge about the…

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Good reason to visit the dentist? Read on…

14 August 2013

Struggling with toothache? Bleeding gums when you brush? Unhappy with your smile? All the above are sound reasons for visiting your dentist for a check-up…

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Dental implants: questions and answers

12 August 2013

SPOTLIGHT ON DENTAL IMPLANTS The clinical team at Advanced Dentistry @ Hyndland Dental Clinic has experience of a wide range of implant, cosmetic and restorative…

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