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3D vision for patient care

19th July 2010

We’ve placed our order for one of the most important pieces of new technology due to be installed in our new clinic this autumn.

After much deliberation we’ve opted for a state of the art CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) scanner.

Radiography – usually called an x-ray – has long been used in dentistry to diagnose disease and plan treatments.

Whilst radiographs are in two dimensions, new CBCT scans allow vision of oral structures in three dimensions.

With all treatments for our patients, planning is vital and this new technology will allow us to accurately diagnose and plan all cases.

In addition, the information gained from such a scan can be used to plan computer guided surgery.

The equipment will be particularly useful in working with patients who require implants.

This investment will allow us to maintain our position as a cutting edge clinic, abreast of current developments and with patient care and service at the forefront of what we do at all times.

Fore more advice and information about our cosmetic dentistry services and treatments – including dental implants – please phone 0141 339 7579

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