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2010′s Busy Start

7th January 2010

First off I’d like to wish all of my clients and referring dentists a very happy and healthy New Year.

I hope 2010 is an exciting and positive one for us all.

I’ve started the new year with a busy diary and appointments book so the team and I are back to full speed in welcoming patients to the clinic.

I’m also looking at fitting a couple of other key activities in the next six weeks or so.

One is a whistle-stop visit to London to meet designers involved in creating our exciting new clinic in the west end.

The clinic will be based in a traditional building but we’ll create a state of art design to complement the architecture.

We’ll also introduce some real cutting edge clinical and sterilisation technology.

We have exacting standards in terms of how the clinic will look and operate – and we believe today’s patient also has high expectations.

High levels of patient comfort are also on our design brief.

Watch this space for more updates and we’ll bring you as much news and information about the new clinic as and when it emerges.

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